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Un juego de control de hormigas que usa tu ubicación real.

Varias especies de hormigas compiten por controlar el territorio. Tu te unes a una de las especies y ayudas a esparcirse y a dominar.

Tu irás fundando colonias, ayudándolas a expandirse, con comida,ba defenderse de otros animales y enemigos. Cuando las colonia tenga un buen tamaño podrás ,atacat colonias enemigas. Coopera con los aliados, ayudalos y coordina ataques

Getting started

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About the game

This is a one man project developed and maintained during free time, for your pleasure and mine. If you like it, please tell me and make me happy too :-)

Ideas, development of client and server and all kinds of stuff: Erik Melkersson

Thanks to:

  • Patrick Bersau for icons
  • Patrick Drechsler for German translation, Tigo Kok for Dutch translation and the rest of you contributing to translations. See Settings in the app and Help out with translations.
  • All of you who test and give feedback and also submit crash reports when needed.

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