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Normal World

Normally you play on the complete world map, with land water etc and the world is kept forever.

Quest Worlds

On occasions quest worlds will open up for limited time (Just a week or so).

The goal is for the species to be better than the independent species (black flag).

Some properties of those Quest worlds

  • You start with a blank map.
  • Limited action set. I.e. all actions are not available.
  • Repeating world. I.e. a small map is used, that is available all over the world. Water/land does not matter.
  • Species control colonies together. (Settings orders, picking warriors, setting actions)
  • Your player level does not matter.
  • You get no experience from doing actions in the quest world.
  • Energy is not used in the quest world.
  • Independent colonies are founded a lot more here.
  • No food on the ground available for pickup.
  • Your range circle will look weird if you are not on the equator. The repeating map adapts to the condition on the equator with the same longitude and latitude difference.

A quest world may be open to players of one of the species or to all.

Note: You can switch between the active world and the quest world.



2019-05-19 The first world was open for 8 days, and for all species. This is more of a test but Leaf Cutter Ants "cut" the rest. Result

2020-10-25 to 2020-11-01 "Red One"

2020-11-08 to 2020-11-15 "Green One"

2020-11-22 to 2020-11-29 "Blue One"