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This is information about fungus growing in the colonies.

The purpose of growing fungus is that it gives colonies more food. Up to 100% extra food income.

NOTE: You need to be level 10 before you can handle fungus.

Colony properties

A colony with fungus chamber has two more values:

  • Fungus size: 1% - 100 % (0% when there is no fungus inserted in the fungus chamber)
  • Fungus pollution: 0% - 100%

The normal workers fetching food handle feeding and handling the fungus. No special setting for that.

Starting to grow

Colonies may build a fungus chamber. An action taking 24 h and sacrificing quite a number of ants.

How to get a piece of fungus:

  • There is a really small possibility to get it when doing Help Expand.
  • It might be the prize on some event Missions.

Player may insert fungus into fungus chambers in colony when in range. The fungus start to grow.

Player must be at least level 10 to handle fungus. (see Experience for some other levels)

How to count

The food produced by workers in the colony gets increased by (Fungus size) * (100% - Fungus pollution).

  • At maximum you double the food income
  • When pollution is high you get nothing extra

Fungus size increase as the fungus grows. 1 percentage point per day.

Fungus pollution grows (1 percentage point) * (Fungus size) per day. I.e. slower when the fungus is small.

Cleaning the fungus chamber

There are 2 options to clean the fungus.

1. You have the colony in reach and make a clean fungus action

  • Fungus pollution drop to 0%

2. You order the ants to clean the pollution.

  • Fungus pollution drop to 0%
  • There is a risk that the fungus start to control the ants and taking control of the colony. (Search the net for "Zombie ants" if you dare).
    • The colony become independent

Killing the fungus

If fungus pollution reach 100% the fungus dies.

When the colony gets really small (counting actual worker ants), the fungus dies.

Extracting fungus item

When a colony with a growing fungus is in range and fungus size in bigger than threshold (60%) the user may extract fungus as an action on the colony

  • The fungus size percentage drops by 50 percentage points
  • The player gets a piece of fungus

Fungus items

Fungus dropped on the ground last for a week.

Fungus in inventory last forever.

Fungus has no species and may be used by any players.

A player may carry a few fungus pieces. Level 10: 1 piece, and then one extra every second level higher.

Fungus may be dropped and picked up.


In the colony dialog, in the "ant count etc box": It will display an extra row with a fungus symbol if there is a fungus chamber and size and pollution percentages. Size is 0% when there is no fungus inserted in the chamber.

To build a fungus chamber you click on the "ant count-box" and then an action.

To clean the fungus you click on the "ant count-box" and then an action or to clean it when you are near or you select and action for the ants to clean it themselves (with the "zombie ants" risk).

To extract fungus you click on the "ant count-box" and then an action or you select an action to extract fungus

Future ideas

NOTE: This is not implemented, just ideas.

  • Expanding the fungus chamber... somehow. Increasing the max. (i.e. 100% gives a higher factor on the food)
    • Is another action taking 24h, 48h, 96h etc.
    • A setting in the sliders?


Fungus growing is based on initial idea by someone i forgot (probably on G+), my own ideas and later comments in Discord by 4N3G4ZPK20, Phap, scooterman31, mijkolsmith