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Paying supporters get access to a Command Center. Available from the colony list.

This gives you an extra view facilitating setting Colony Orders.

It does not give you access to anything you can not perform without it.

You may filter out several of your colonies and giving them orders at once and save sets of orders.


You may filter on: (May be adjusted on user requests)

  • When existing orders expire
  • If animals attack the colony
  • "Overlapping nets", how much food they need to gather to survive
  • Distance from you
  • Location (country, region, county)
  • Number of ants
  • Number of warriors

Saved orders

All players may save a "default" set of orders for Colonies but here you may also:

  • Save several sets of orders (as many as you like actually)
  • Name the order sets as you like
  • Apply order sets them to matched colonies