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Players need to perform some types of Actions, like founding colonies, giving food, sabotaging or other actions.

When the players has performed enough actions they may claim one or more Items as reward.

Missions may be in a series of missions where you will have to do the first one in order to open up the second one etc.

There can also be a deadline on the missions. Note that also the reward must be claimed before the deadline of a mission. If a player fail to complete the missions within time, the mission just disappear an nothing happens.

There are some planned types of missions, I will start with introducing weekly missions.

Weekly missions

Every week a new mission will be started and the players will have 6 days to achieve the tasks. From end of may 2019 they start on Tuesdays and end on Mondays. (used to be Sunday to Saturday initially)

Technical info: The tasks and the reward will be randomly combined from a list of defined tasks and so will the reward.

Weekly missions become available for players at Level 7 or higher.

Introduction missions

Future plans To get started. Describe what you need to do to get started. Quite a lot of text and image work will have to be done.

Progress missions

Future plans Just do many actions. Like found 50 colonies.

Event missions

NOTE: The contents here may change until the event begins.

Events are open to players of all levels.

Events have a series of missions, normally with a better prize at the end. Note that you must finish one before the next one is available and start counting.

Equinox March 2019

A.k.a. Bear party due to the number of energy bars left lying around.

The event begun 2019-02-27 and last about 3 weeks until the equinox 2019-03-20 21:58 UTC.

No Tasks Reward
1 Help 5 controlled colonies Some food
2 Give 200 food to colonies Swarming colonies
3 Produce 10 energy bars A few small boost kits
4 Eat 10 energy bars A few small boost kits
5 Mark 10 scent tracks A big nest boost kit AND
some swarming colonies
6 Produce 10 swarms AND
Found 10 colonies
Warriors AND
Ant eaters in the inventory (lasts a week)
7 Sabotage 10 (enemy) colonies AND
Give 1000 food to colonies
Food AND
8 Help 10 allied colonies (not your own) AND
Produce 30 energy bars
Food AND
9 Attack 5 times AND
Attack and kill one colony
Some small boost kits
10 Mark 100 scent tracks A Backpack


  • To much energy bars. People left them everywhere and there were huge amounts of bears. A warning about bears could have helped.
  • Mark 100 scent tracks could have been about doubled, It should be harder.
  • Completing the missions: 1-93, 2-78, 3-48, 4-43, 5-35, 6-28, 7-19, 8-10, 9-8, 10-7

Solstice June 2019

A.k.a. Ant independence weeks. During the event there are an increased chance of independent ants founding colonies from runaway swarms and when founding colonies.

Will start 2019-06-01 13:26 UTC and end 2019-06-21 15:54 UTC.

No Tasks Reward
1 Help controlled colonies 5 times Some swarming colonies
2 Found 2 colonies Some food
3 Produce 2 swarms A small Nest Boost Kit
4 Help allied colonies 2 times Some Energy Bars
5 Mark 20 scent tracks AND
Found 1 colony
One Ant Repellent
6 Help controlled colonies 20 times AND
Help allied colonies 10 times
Some Warriors and Food
7 Produce 10 swarms
Found 1 colony
Some Warriors and Food
8 Attack and kill an enemy colony AND
Found 2 colonies
Some small Nest Boost Kits
9 Produce 30 swarms
Found 1 colony
A big Nest Boost Kit
10 Mark 200 scent tracks AND
Found 2 colonies
Some Ant Repellents

Future: Equinox September 2019

Will end 23 September 07:50 UTC.

NOTE: Work in progress! Ideas: "Being bad" (attack, sabotage etc, placing ant eaters etc)

No Tasks Reward
5 Ant Repellent
10 Attack and kill 10 colonies Backpack