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Every player has an amount of energy. Displayed as a yellow bar and a number.

Energy is consumed when doing some actions and refilled over time.

Use of energy

NOTE: There might be changes here in this in the future

Some actions cost energy:

(Values before 2019-09-25 in parenthesis behind)

If you are out of energy you may not perform these actions.

Colonize gave you energy during a period of the game but this is no longer true

Gain energy

Every 2 minutes energy is refilled by 1 up to your max level.

You may also use an Energy Bar to fill up 50 energy (but no more than your max).

You may only eat an energy bar if your energy is below max.

Storing energy

You may order colonies to produce Energy Bar. They will show up near the colonies when done.

Max amount of energy

You start with 100 and for every level you increase your maximum energy increase by 10, so: Max = 100 + 10 * your level