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See Road Map for planned ideas and fixes.


Adaptive timeout on network requests. Several good, decrease but a minimum at 1 sec? One fail, increase 2sec(?) but max at 10sec?

Competition among players

New players

  • People coming late into the game shall also be able to build colonies or get benefit, even in cities with lot of existing players. https://plus.google.com/+ErikMelkersson/posts/6iQhazsenvT
  • How to make the room for a new player in a town dominated by a Species?
  • Maximum controlled nests, based on level, to make people release control of colonies?


Very zoomed in: See individual ants too

Ability to turn features on/off just as in ColorPlanet (https://plus.google.com/+PatrickDrechsler/posts/P1sbicd1MfC)

Send a location - Send a "ping" to your players of your species to coordinate attacks or similar. As a message in the Species Chat.


Currently all species have the same properties but I am thinking about letting them have different skills.

  • Faster builders
  • Breed faster
  • Bigger, better warrior skills


Cave-ins during attack killing lots of ants and losing capacity/food?


When you attack you expose your own position to everyone for 5 minutes(?) after the last attack command.

Spy ants

Build spy ants that can scout ant hills for you. If you carry them you can insert them instantly or send them to scout, but that takes time based on distance.


  • A defender may also be on location and can then attack the attackers warrior ants by him/herself by attacking the, on the map, exposed colony attacker. Even if the attacker stops the attack.

Manually help out (?)

By smashing ants on the map a player can kill enemy ants too, one at a time.

Loose ideas


"Some ground building/item"

  • May be built by several players or a higher level player working hard? X amount of energy within a time limit (24 hours?)
    • Maybe X=10k energy is reasonable. (Many players together should be able to do it fine: Example: level 14 (pretty high), May have 240 and 28 bars * 50 = 1640, fetching 28 more from colonies gives 1400 more. 3-4 such player could do it. It requires a lot of planning but it is actually manageable by single player too)
  • Gives advantages to nearby nests. Defense bonus? Growth? Food production?
  • Does the building have a color or help everyone around? I think everyone. Changed my mind: It helps everyone near but is is controlled by one species at a certain moment. Gives some kind of score bonus.
  • May be pushed or pulled by players, (max per time unit = simply cost a lot of energy). This way you may "steal" such a building.
  • The building gives a bonus score to the team holding it. You "hold" it by having it close to your colony. Must be withing X meters and at least size X. (You can not just found new colony and get control immediately). Maybe just having it in the zone of your colony and no other color is find. Also visible ok.
  • Needs some maintenance or they will slowly fade away.
    • It has an bar fading - maybe two weeks or so to fade out totally unless someone does something about it
    • Any player may use their own energy to fill it up
  • Who will get notifications about it? Fading/filling/moving/controlling "Subscribe" to it? No one?

Maybe later, or maybe not:

  • May be upgraded in levels. Best "upgrader" gets something.
  • May be upgraded by players "helping" it, max once per time unit. Or simply a lot of energy needed to upgrade it.

Growing fungus