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Note: Displaying what has to be done before moving to next version


  • Spawn animals and let them have an effect
  • pick up/drop animals at nests
  • Send GCM messages from server to client on events (attack, other helped/destroyed, animal occure at nest, animal destory nest, animal disappear)
  • Make notifications (app not active) or dialogs (app active) from GCM messages from server
  • Handle back pressed on register/validate device dialog
  • Model for food location is no consistent. Depends a bit on map area shown
  • Select amount when dropping warriors


  • Clean up interaction when nest becomes de-colonized
  • Use only GPS location if available, not network location
  • Ability to go to map from nest view
  • Ability to go to map from event view
  • Display if follow/not follow mode. Fixed in 0.2.6
  • Merge network actions that are the same or one disables the other. Fixed in 0.2.7
  • Really stable network handling
  • Setting for notifications, device specific
  • Let food in inventory slowly turn bad
  • Display the expire on items in inventory (i.e. animals - how long until they die)
  • Warriors in inventory eat from food in inventory, and start to starve if they run out of food. No Limit on number of warriors in inventory.
  • Warriors dropped on ground slowly die
  • Ability to display custom message in notification/event (system messages etc)
  • Adapt wiki to how things works now, add marks on what might be future stuff
  • Make a getting started wiki page


  • Description on all actions, fixed in 0.2.8
  • Filters/sort on nests view
  • Chat - one public and one for each species
  • Good images for items
  • Good images for actions
  • Good launcher image
  • Up-to-date screen shots and decent info in google play

ALL data will be reset.

  • Fix urgent bugs found during reset

1.0 Public release

Web service

Independent of the app. Contact me if you want to build it. I can give you read access on suitable data.

  • Displaying current score for world, all countries, all regions and player list
  • Displaying historic score for world, all countries and all regions


  • Focus on text input in set name dialog
  • Display secret capacity at controlled nest, fixed in 1.0.4
  • Bugfix: show a proper message in the log of the player who destroyed at an enemies nest, fixed in 1.0.6
  • Bugfix: Maybe switched(?) the messages when someone attacked you and did or did not kill all ants?, fixed on server
  • 30/30 to be able to swarm (but it still only takes 20/20), fixed in 1.0.6
  • Center on location seems buggy. How it should work: Marked: always center on location. Not marked: Keep displaying the area without scrolling. Fixed in 1.0.10
  • Display entered info from other players in a user dialog, Fixed in 1.0.10
  • Required name on nest (colonize/gain control) - will be fixed on server after 1.0.6 is released
  • Show colony name in colony orders dialog, fixed in 1.0.6
  • Show more info in controlled colony list (ants/food/capacity/if attacked by animal), in 1.0.11
  • Inventory list: Show how "full" you are of that item (i.e. your capacity too), 1.0.10(?)
  • Taxonomy change: Use "Sabotage" instead of the "Destroy" actions where you don't completely destroy. Fixed in 1.0.10
  • Bugfix: Sorting by Size (population) in German version
  • Test to: List persons under the team score to have fewer options in the prop down. Done in 1.0.10
  • Also test to create individual score for each area. Fixed on server.
  • Some kind of simplifications to set many colony orders. Idea: Store setting and fast apply on long press when ordered by orders expired, or something.
  • Correct text in event log when you destroy at another players nest. Fixed in 1.0.10
  • Show individual scores on Country/Regional too
  • Make a difference between killed animal by warriors and self dead animal. So players see the purpose of warriors in the nest.. Done in 1.0.13
  • Sort colonies by country and area. Also display them in the colony list (small font). Done in 1.0.13
  • Change sabotage to use the bigger radius instead. Done in 1.0.13
  • Fix: Change the map objects placing routine so that it don't freeze the app, somehow. Fix was to only display visible stuff. Done in 1.0.14
  • Tag people in chat, 1.0.16
  • Links from existing messages and user info to tag people in chat/species chat., 1.0.16
  • Notification when tagged in message Tagged, 1.0.16
  • Link to tag person from user dialog (opened from score list), 1.0.17
  • Fix: Correct title on tagged notification.
  • Competition, among overlapping nest zoc, for food.
    • Food +/- also depend on competing nests on the area. I.e. the 0.4-ratio is not constant.
    • Idea: Warn on low food level instead? - one warning on ratio, and one on starve
  • Show info about teams, just as with players.
  • Make better notifications when app is not active, not just a dummy
  • Sort colonies by country and area. Also display them in the colony list (small font)


  • Adjust google play dependencies to only load needed ones, so it no longer requires permission GET_ACCOUNTS.
  • Ability to view older events (only last week right now), 1.1.5
  • Notifications when colonies are out of orders.
  • Show more detailed area level of nests. 1.1.13
  • When using Go to location (of event or nest) it should disable follow my location. 1.1.14
  • Show clusters of colonies when zoomed out. Could be pre calculated. My idea of a box per country/area? 1.2
  • Ability to go to display user info dialog from that players colony dialog colony, fixed in 1.2.6 (or erlier?)
  • Show local teams stats when selecting a country. 1.2.7
  • Ability to do fine adjustments on colony orders with + and -
  • Nest boost kit, increases size and population. Supported in 1.3.10
  • Computer generated black nests - Independent, that you may attack. Supported in 1.3.11
  • Wipe out nets completely (back again on several user requests) 1.3.13
  • Make independent nests show up. New pop up and maybe nests with expired orders for a long time? - 1.3.11+ MUST be spread first - Started appearing in january 2018
  • Sort colonies by distance from you
  • Make nest boost kits show up - 1.3.10+ MUST be spread first
  • Share link to app-function (with text about what colony to join or select other) - 1.3.19
  • Energy - 1.3.n
  • Ability to move big animals by scaring them (they can not be picked up)
  • Bears will start to appear
  • New players are immune to attacks from a week as long as that are at a lewel where they may not produce warriors
  • Display if players are active (some kind of indication like this week, this month or more than a month) - to not display to much info about a player.
  • Reduce network traffic by optimizing what nests/items are sent to client when viewing another area - 1.3.30
  • Use google account login, as in Tile Pile and cache the key on server to avoid not needed lookups.
    • Backpack - increase carry capacity.
  • Bug fix: Item on ground-dialog not updating distance on location change, or is it?
  • History of colony (in colony view, founded, reached pop x at time, attacked, changed owner, ant eaters etc)
    • Logged events including that colony
    • Daily Size history graph
    • Ant repellent - may be used on enemy nests


  • More things you may find/get that may help you in some way. When used you get X for some time or once. Some ideas:
    • Breeding pack (double the amount of swarms you carry, beyond your carrying limit)
    • Attack boost for some time... or just once.
    • Bag to hold sleeping warriors, no need for food consumption
  • Scroll on map stops follow mode. Normally follow but stop when user drags the map and return to follow when user presses my location.... or whatever works
  • Score info on 2:nd level admin areas

See also Future Ideas