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Arbetare är saker som du skapar och placerar på matchande Källa för att samla Kristall. Du kan uppgradera dem, modulera dem till andra färger och slutligen göra om dem till Sändardelar

Arebata är ditt huvudsakliga redskap för att samla Kristall

Spawn (create) workers

You spawn workers in your Primary Color using your Worker Spawner facility. If the level of your Worker Spawner is higher than 1 you have a chance to get a worker of higher level maxing at the level of the Worker Spawner.

There is a button beneath the workers in the workers view where you spawn workers. By tapping it, you can create a new worker of your attuned color.

The first one is free. After that, there are two options to build more:

Waiting for recharge
After spawning the first worker, a countdown will appear next to the Spawn Worker. When it reaches 0, a new worker can be built for free. Then, another countdown will begin, and so on.
The recharging time will extend by 5 minutes with every workers you have maxing at 6 hours. It can be lowered with Monuments.
Paying with crystals
Instead of waiting for free recharge, crystals can be paid for more workers (note: this option won't increase the waiting time). The prices are:
Extra Worker Primary Secondary Tertiary
1 4
2 8 2
3 12 4 1
4 16 6 2
5 20 8 3
... +4 +2 +1

Harvest crystals

You harvest crystals by placing workers on Fountains by clicking on the fountains on the Map

A placed worker collects crystal at the rate of 1 per hour and comes back to you automatically when full or the fountain dries out.

See also Settings to fast place workers.

Levels and upgrades

You may merge two workers of the same level to a worker of higher level, but not higher than the level of your Worker Spawner.

Upgraded workers can have improvements:

How much a worker may carry back to you.
Placing your workers at the same fountain as opponent player's workers
If you want to place several workers at the same fountain. Specifies how many of your own workers that may already be on a fountain when placing that worker. I.e. you may have a low level worker with no cooperation on a fountain and place another worker having at least cooperation 1, and then place yet another having at least cooperation 2, etc.

How upgrades gets applied

  • A worker of level 1 has the default values of a worker: Capacity 4, Concurrency 1 and Cooperation 0.
  • A worker of level 2 has increased the value of the first upgrade of the Worker Spawner
  • A worker of level 3 has increased both the value of upgrade 1 and 2 on the Worker Spawner
  • etc

All your workers can also be improved when you are part of a Team that has Monuments.

Modulate workers (in other colors)

Workers exist in 5 different colors, used for gathering crystals in their color.

You need a Worker Modulator to modulate workers to that color. Then you may select "Modulate Worker" on an idle worker to modulate it to that color. You may only modulate a worker to a "nearby" color. I.e. you might have to modulate it 2 steps to get it to the color you want.

The level of the Worker Modulator limit how many workers you may have of that color. You can have unlimited amount of workers in your Primary Color.

Transform to Transmitter parts

When you have a Transformer Facility you may transform the worker into Transmitter Parts used for mounting Transmitters. The color and level of the worker affects what you get, but randomness is involved too.

Some notes about the probabilities:

  • The probability of getting multiple items increases with the worker level.
  • The probability of the level of transmitter part level also matches level of worker.
  • You are most likely to get transmitter parts in the same color as the worker. (Probability ratio about 19 to 1 for the parts you get)
  • The level of the worker and level of transformer facility increases the chances for racks, bonuses and extenders.
  • You are guaranteed to get at least one thing.

Worker view

Shows two parts:

First your idle workers and second the workers placed on Fountains.

This is where you can bring placed workers home, and do the actions described above on idle workers.