Transmitter Part

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In short

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Transmitter Parts are used to build a Transmitter which will give you scores (Goals of the Game). These Parts you can get by transforming your workers. You need a Transformer to do that. Alternatively you can find them in treasures or trade them.


When you transform a worker to transmitter parts:

  • The probability of getting multiple items increases with the worker level.
  • The probability of the level of transmitter part level also matches level of worker.
  • You are most likely to get transmitter parts in the same color as the worker. (Probability ratio about 19 to 1 for the parts you get)
  • The level of the worker and level of transformer facility increases the chances for racks, bonuses and extenders.
  • You are guaranteed to get at least one thing.

You can further level up existing parts by merging equal parts together. The reachable level this way is limited to your Transformer's level.