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A transmitter is a device that sends crystals to your home planet giving you good reputation (score) for a month.

It also increases the credits of your current team when sent. If you are part of a team.

Mounting transmitters

When you mount a transmitter you need 1 rack and 1 crystal container of each type. (Transmitter parts)

You normally get transmitter parts by transforming workers using your Transformer facility but you may also find them in Treasures.

The level (= score) of the transmitter is the lowest value of a crystal container in a color and then squared. (Example: Cubes of level 2,3,4,3,4 gives you 2 as the lowest and then squared, 2 * 2 = 4.)


  • If a mixer is used: average Level ^ 2
  • If extenders are used: Sum of equal-colored containers is treated as the total "level" for that color.
  • Bonuses do not stack. (2*50% gives 2x original value, not 2,25x)


  • Rubi: [4]
  • Gelb: [1] + [3] (using extender) = [4]
  • Hadr: [5]
  • Azon: [2] + [3] + [1] (extender) = [6]
  • Movi: [3]

Lowest level is [3], so the transmitter value will be 3^2=9 With mixer, level is (4+4+5+6+3)/5=4,4 so transmitter will be 4,4^2=19,36 (will be rounded up to 20) With mixer and 30% bonus it is 19,36*1,3=25,168 (rounded up to 26)

A recommendation is to have all colors the same level, if you don't use a mixer, so no value is lost.

Transmitter parts

Rack Trans part rack.png
A place to mount the various cubes (containers). The rack can be found in treasures or gained (randomly) when transforming a worker into scorer parts.
Part Trans part red.png Trans part yellow.png Trans part green.png Trans part blue.png Trans part purple.png
PArts are usually gained when transforming workers into transmitter parts. They determine the level of the transmitter.
Overclock Trans part booster.png
Overclock increases the level of the transmitter by the given percentage. An overclock can be found in treasures or gained (randomly) when transforming a worker into transmitter parts. It can vary form 10% to 70%, the last being the most rare.
Extender Trans splitter 2.png Trans splitter 3.png
Increases the number of cubes of that type that may be added. The sum of the cube's level counts. Exists in 2 and 3-level variants. Treasures is currently the easiest way to get them but you may also receive them when transforming workers into transmitter parts.
Crystal mixer Trans part mixer.png
Takes the average value of the crystal containers instead of the lowest. Useful when you have big ones in some colors but not in others.

Placing transmitters

A transmitter is placed on your current location and is then used for calculating the score.

NOTE: The score is updated once every 6 minutes. Therefore it will not appear immediately.

See Scoring