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Teams are groups of players cooperating.

Members get benefits from the monuments of the team and the team gets it's ranking from the members.

Found, join or leave

A team may be founded by anyone having a team Team Headquarter at proper level.

To be able to join a team you need to build a Team Headquarter and get invited to the team.

To leave a team you enter the team view and click on yourself. If you are an administrator you have to renounce administration privileges first.


There is a maximum number of team members the team may have. Team members may contribute to increasing the size by donating crystals.


There may be multiple administrators in a team. Existing administrators may give privileges to other players.

Administrators may kick members. (Not other administrators)

Members having a team headquarter of correct level may invite more member.

Credits and mouments

All transmitters placed by team members increase the Credit of the team. Each transmitter point corresponds to one team credit.

Credits are used toy build and upgrade Monuments, giving members advantages.