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Källor är platser där kristallerna kommer upp till ytan av planeten. Det är här du samlar dem.

Det finns 5 olikfärgade varianter. En för varje typ av Kristall

Kartan kan du se var källorna finns.

Du samlar kristaller genom att placera Arbetare på dem. Du placerar dem genom att klicka på källorna. Men du behöver förstås Arbetare.

Fountains refill continuously up to their max value. The image of the fountains vary in size according to how much they contain right now.

The image of the fountains vary in size depending on the current capacity of the fountain. Fountains continuously refill up to their maximum value.

You may see more info about fountains when you have Fountain Scanner and may keep track of used fountains with a Fountain Tracker.


There are 3 types of each color. They vary in max value, 20 to 34, and refill speed.

One has higher maximum value but lower refill speed, one has average on both and one low maximum value and high refill speed.

Dry out?

When fountains are empty they disappear from the map, but don't worry! They will come back after some time. The time depend on their refill speed (keep reading).

Refill speed

The refill speed varies with the type but also with how many players have harvested from the fountain in the last few days. Many different players means it refill faster.