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Display settings

The "eye" on the map.

Day/Night mode: Bright or dark background

All opaque/Transparent used: When you have the Fountain Tracker you may make the already counted (a worker has fullfilled harvesting there) fountains faded, in order to what are the new ones.

All/Only placeable: Only show fountains in colors that you have available workers.

User settings

Information about you. This information will be visible to other players.

This is also where you:

Specify who invited you. This value can only be set once. You will get contact and the one you specified will get benefits in missions.

Change color. NOTE: You will loose everything. This is like starting over. But if you only are in a neigborhood that has another color, this might be the thing for you.

Local settings

Mostly settings on the user interface on this device.

You probably want to use Fast worker placement after some time.

Notification settings

On what events do you want to get a message popping up on your device.