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The main view. (you can back up to this view from the others)

Screenshot map.png

  • Portalred.png Loops through your position and your portal positions. If you long press it, you will enable "follow mode" where the map is always centered at your current position. Clicking again toggles this setting to "off".
  • Toggle map.png Toggle between the two main modes on the map: placement mode and scoring mode.
    • In placement mode you can see your location and "free placement"-radius, fountains, placed workers (yours and others), your portals and treasures.
    • In scoring mode you can see the scoring areas (small, medium or big, depending on your zoom level), a hair cross for area selecting and your ranking in the centered area. Click the ranking box for opening the score list for the centered area.
  • Probelauncher.png Launches a probe, giving you the ability to see longer for a limited amount of time. See Probe Launcher facility for upgrades.
  • Treasure.png Extract a treasure. Se Treasure
  • (Eye) Toggle some display Settings

Below the map (white background with small icons): Summary of idle Workers and available Transmitters and also available Portals. In order to place a transmitter you click the transmitter here to open the transmitter to place-selection.


Fountain red 01.pngFountain yellow 01.pngFountain green 01.png

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See Fountain.

This is where you gather Crystal.



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Workergreen.png Workerred.png Workerpurple.png

On the fountains you see placed workers, yours and others. Only workers of the correct color may be placed on them.

See Worker on how to produce, place and modify workers.


Portalblue.png / Portalgreen.png / Portalyellow.png / Portalred.png / Portalpurple.png Allows you to remotely place workers.

See Portal


Treasure on map.png See Treasure for information about them