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The main view. (you can back up to this view from the others)

Map main screen.png

Crystal storage (top of the screen)
It displays the total amount of crystal you have in storage.
After the "+" sign it displays the amount of crystals your workers have harvested so far. This is the amount you can get if you recall all the workers of that color.
Information about idle workers is shown on some views here as well.
Map buttons (right side of the screen)
  • Position button.png Loops through your position and your portal positions. If you long press it, you will enable "follow mode" where the map is always centered at your current position. Clicking again toggles this setting to "off".
  • Eye button.png Toggle some display Settings
  • Transmitter fountain toggle button.png Toggle between the two main modes on the map: placement mode and scoring mode.
    • In placement mode you can see your location and "free placement"-radius (500m + 15m/level), fountains, placed workers (yours and others), your portals and treasures.
    • In scoring mode you can see the scoring areas (small, medium or big, depending on your zoom level), a hair cross for area selecting and your ranking in the centered area. Click the ranking box for opening the score list for the centered area.
  • Menu button.png Map menu button. Opens a menu where you can activate Extract treasure, Start Radar, Place Portal, Place Transmitter and Build Collectors (becomes visible at level 5).
    • Information that the Radar and Treasure Extractor is ready for use is show bellow this button
Bottom buttons (bottom side of the screen)


Icon red.png Icon yellow.png Icon green.png Icon blue.png Icon purple.png

See Fountain.

This is where you gather Crystal.


Worker red.png Worker yellow.png Worker green.png Worker blue.png Worker purple.png

On the fountains you see placed workers, yours and others. Only workers of the correct color may be placed on them.

See Worker on how to produce, place and modify workers.


Portalred.png / Portalgreen.png / Portalyellow.png / Portalblue.png / Portalpurple.png

Allows you to remotely place workers.

See Portal


Treasure on map.png See Treasure for information about them