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You can establish in game contacts with other players.

A contacts is needed in order to:

  • Transmit items to that player.
  • Have a private chat
  • Sending invite to team

Also there are Missions about the number of contacts you have.

You may place a contact in your "short list". This means that they will appear in the top of the list when selecting a user. (for example when sending items)

Establish contact finding placed workers

If you find place workers on the map, and you don't have the owner as contact you can establish contact though the workers. Click (or long click if you have fast worker deployment) and select the "Establish contact option when there are unknown workers.

Establish contact using contact code

When placing transmitters you receive contact codes. You get 5 codes after placing the first Transmitter and then another 5 contacts every 50 transmitters placed.

You can share the codes to get an in game contact with other existing players. If you have received an invitation code from another player, you can enter it in the Contact dialog. You can also click on a code in the chat and select Establish Contact in the menu.

Establish contact by sending contacts

A player may send contact information about a contact to another contact. This way the two other players come in contact.

Recruiting other players

Just invite them to start playing and have them enter your user name as the one who invited them. Every level they level up gives you another score in the invite mission in the game.