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  • Players get score by placing Transmitters on his/her current location.
  • A transmitter is active, and give you score for 30 days. Then it is lost.
  • When you place a transmitter, you also increases the credits of the Team you are member of, at the time on placement.

Note that you may send transmitters to each other and place them for another player.

Top List Bars

The black and white bars on top of the Top lists show how many transmitter points were placed in the last 30 days. Black bars are your points, white - points of other players.

But don't compare white and black bars, they have different scale.

Every bar a day, oldest to the left.


  • The Earth is split into 28 big areas
  • These are in turn split into 64 (8x8) medium areas - (1792 on Earth)
  • These are in turn split into 262144 (512x512) small areas - (469762048 on Earth)

Calculating the score

  • In each small area the sum of active transmitters is calculated for each player.
  • The player gets a 10 points bonus for every small area the player has active transmitters in.
  • For every other player with active transmitters in the small area he/she "beats" the player also gets a 10 points bonus.
  • The score in the medium, big and world areas are calculated as the sum of the score and bonuses in the contained small areas.
  • The team score is the sum of the team members world score.