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Fountain is gone. Will it come back?
Yes. See Fountain for more info.
How do I gather crystal faster?
Upgrade workers with cooperation and use multiple workers. See Worker#Upgrades.
How does worker upgrades work?
See Worker#Upgrades.
How can I start collecting crystals of other colors?
You can build Worker Modulators and modulate your workers.
How can I get crystals of other colors to build a Worker Modulator?
You can build a Trade Post and exchange crystals on the market.
Why can't I modulate a worker to color X?
They can only be modulated to nearby colors and you must be able to support it, see Worker Modulator for more info. You can do modulations in 2 steps, Red -> Yellow and then Yellow -> Green, for example.
Transform ?
Change an object into something else.
Modulate ?
Change the color of something.
How do I make the map follow my location?
Long press the portal icon Portalred.png on the map.
It says that mock locations are not allowed. What shall I do?
Mock locations is used for sending fake locations to the device/app. Read for example [1] on how you disable mock locations.
What are these codes people posting in the chat?
These are contact codes used to establish a Contact.
How can I get my own contact codes?
You get 5 codes after placing the first Transmitter and then another 5 contacts every 50 transmitters placed.
How can I join a team? Do I need to do it?
Teams give bonuses to its members, see Monument. In order to join you should have Team Headquarter of level 2, be in a Contact with a team administrator and receive an invitation to join.