Getting started

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You select a google account upon starting the game. This account is connected to your player so you may change or play on several devices. If you play on another device you will have to confirm using an email to your google account. Only information entered in this game will be visible to other players.

Select species

You don't have to select species upon starting but you may not do much before you have selected species. You may look around and you may chat in the public chat. So click on "Select Species" and selet one of them Species1.png Species2.png Species3.png

Found colonies

When you select species you are given two Swarming Colonies Map swarmingcolony red.png or Map swarmingcolony green.png or Map swarmingcolony blue.png. Those are used when founding new colonies Colony1.png or Colony2.png or Colony3.png

To found a Colony:

Older version:

  • Click (or long click) on the map somewhere within your inner circle, the yellow one (Action Radius).
  • Select Build Nest
    Action build nest.png
  • Now there is an Empty nest Colony0.png
  • Click on it and select Colonize
    Action colonize.png

Order the ants

When you have found a colony you should set Colony Orders

Action colony settings.png

to tell the ants what to do. If you want to get a quick start you should go get Food Map food.png and tell the ants to expand the capacity and breed and you move around to Pick Up

Action pick up.png

Food and Give Food

Action give food.png

to the colony.


Once the colonies have reached a decent population you may order them to Swarm

Action swarm.png

. This will give you new Swarming Colony to found new colonies.


You will receive Experience on some actions you make. This experience is used for levelling up. Read more about it at Experience.

Use Help Expand

Action help expand.png

as soon as you can on yours and Allied Colony (in your color) to help them and gain Experience, and also Sabotage

Action destroy.png

on your enemies

Deal with your enemies

When you have bigger colonies and are more experienced you may Get Warriors and Attack enemy colonies.

Good Luck and have fun!