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At your base you can build and upgrade facilities to improve different things depending on what type of facility you build.

Facilities do not have a maximum level, but at some point upgrade costs get so high that it is not worth it to upgrade.

Worker Spawner 32px

Creating and upgrading workers

Worker Modulator

Handle workers in other colors

Transformer Worker2transmitter.png

Transforms workers into transmitters parts

Trade Post Homegate.png

Trade and transfer things

Treasure Finder Treasure.png

Ability to extract Treasures.

Portal Gateway Portalgreen.png

Better portals for remote play

Probe Launcher Probelauncher.png

Ability to see more

Team Headquarter Teamhq.png

To cooperate in teams

Fountain Tracker

Shows used/not used fountains

Fountain Scanner

Shows remaining crystals in fountains