End User License Agreement

You accept that:

When the application is started, your location will be sent to the server, stored and used in the game.

When you perform actions in the game, your location and anything you enter, may be visible to other players.

Some actions may also be visible to the public on the web site. (Top lists etc)

You are responsible for your own actions and can not in any way blame this game.

You promise to:

Not, in any way, try to fake your location.

You must be physically present when the account is use. (Example: If you are driving it is ok lend the device to a passenger.)

Privacy Policy

Storing data

Your location when playing and doing some action will be stored on the server. Those may be watched by system administrator when checking for cheaters.

Texts entered and actions made in the game will also be stored.

You email is stored on the server as as that is used as account identifier. Your email is never exposed to other players or the public.

Contacting you

Push notifications is sent from the game to you. You may customize what notifications you want.

Email will be sent to you on critical things like registering a new device on the same account.

Data sharing

Anonymized locations may be sent to a 3:rd party to do reverse geo-lookup. (Example: finding out country of a latitude and longitude.) Your email adress will never be sent to a 3:rd party.


The game have in-game purchases for supporters to help supporting the game. If there are any technical issues please contact the developer.