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Feel free to work on this page. Collaborative work in progress.

Remade story (i.e. missions), work in progress 2016

Mission groups

  • Introduction - Information, registration
  • Collect - All mission helping you to gather crystals
  • Send - Making transmitter parts up to placing first transmitter
  • And the rest, just (or almost) as today

For the first 3 groups of missions the missions will show up as a dialog when available, i.e. BEFORE they are done. When the missions are done only a "small" dialog saying that that mission NN was fulfilled.


Seedling of Kambr

During the last aeon on Kambr, our home planet, the resources of the essential five crystals for our civilization begun to vanish. During our search through the universe for more we sent and planted seeds of us in the other civilizations we found.

On one of them, the one you call Earth, has since then started to produce crystals and now, finally, the humans have developed good enough technology so we may contact you. You are an ancestor of the once planted seed among the humans.

The limited human body don't recognize crystal sources, the fountains, so we have provided this piece of software, in your device, for you to find them. They are displayed on your earth map and you will have to move to find more fountains.

(Images, next to each other)


Please select an account on this device so we know how to contact you.


Select account

(Androids built in dialog for picking an account)

Note: If you select an account existing on the server you will get a confirm device-dialog instead of register.


You seedling of Kambr and Earth: What shall we call you? (These will be visible to other seedlings)

[Select username]

[Country on earth]


A true Kambrian is attuned to one crystal type at birth but you have gained a special ability. You may choose type.

[Pick color]

You may even change this selection later, but then you will loose what you done so far


We have prepared some missions for you to get you started. The first ones will be displayed automatically to you once but if you are unsure what to do, you can alway press the question mark button:

(Question mark button)

and click to expand mission groups and missions.

TODO Info on teams somewhere?

Maybe changing team hq according to Magnus G's suggestion. Need one at level 1 to be able to join a team? (building Level 1 facility will be cheap but to be able to start your own team you will need it at a very high level)


Spawn workers

A true Kambrian have the ability to split the body into several parts and do work at multiple locations at once. Some of this ability has been inherited to you: You may spawn workers.

You will need workers to collect crystal.

You spawn workers by pressing the

[ICON-Worker menu button]

and then press the "Spawn Worker"-button once or several times.

The first worker is free but the next ones cost crystals, until the spawner has recharged, and the first one is free again. You should spawn more workers whenever you can. The recharge time of the spawner will increase with the number of worker you have.

Keep up producing more workers.

Bonus for spawning first worker: 4 crystals

Place workers

You will use your workers to harvest crystals from fountains.

Show the map in order to see the fountains:

(Map tab image)

and click on a fountain near you of the same color. In the dialog select a worker to place it.

(Fountain images)

The worker will automatically come back to you with it's crystal harvest when it is full or when the fountain run out. (Fountains are continuously refilled but will run out of crystal for some time when drained.)

Keep up placing your workers whenever possible. They will give you your main income.

If you place a worker within your action range it is free. If you want to place it outside it costs crystals. Beware that you may loose crystals if you place it to far from you.

(Action range image)

If you are not pleased with the color of your choice you may change it, but you will loose everything you have, i.e. don\'t wait too long if you want to do it. It may be done under Menu and User Settings

Upgrade worker spawner

To be able to make better workers you must first upgrade your worker spawner. To do that you will need some crystals so you might have to wait for workers to come home, or even place them several times.

You may improve the workers capacity (how much crystal they can carry), cooperation (how many workers that may be at the same fountain) or competition (being at the same fountain as many other player's workers).

Go to the facilities tab

(Facilities tab image)

and the Worker spawner

(Worker spawner image)

and select "Upgrade Worker Spawner" and then select upgrade.

This means that workers of level 2, or higher, get that upgrade. Workers at level 3 will also get the upgrade at level 3 etc.

To upgrade a worker to a higher level you merge two identical idle workers, in your color, to one worker of the higher level. When you spawn new workers with an upgraded worker spawner there is a chance they get a higher level immediately, up to the level of the spawner.

When you have several upgrades you may reorder them if you realized that you rather want another one first.

Bonus för first upgrade: A level 2 worker

You should also have a look at the other facilities and too find out what you may build (some are empty)

Build portal

--- TODO continue here ---

In order to make it easier for you to place workers we have provided you with a portal. You may build it somewhere near suitable fountains. Later when you are somewhere else you may still place workers for free within the range of the portal or near at a cost. Build a portal by going to the map tab and press the portal icon (lower right corner on your device) scroll to the suitable location, near fountains, and place it.

Modulate crystals

Initially this is the way to get crystals of other kinds. Later you may harvest such crystals.

Click on the crystal container (at the top)

and modulate up or down some crystals

Bonus: Some crystals of other colors

Build worker modulator

To get workers in other colors: Go to the facilities tab click on the worker modulator facility and build a worker modulator. You might have to collect and modulate more crystals in order to be able to build it. Bonus: 4 crystals of your type

Modulate worker

To get workers in other colors: Go to the workers tab click on an idle worker select modulate worker. Note that you might have to modulate some crystals in order to do this. You should go ahead and modulate workers to all colors in order to have an income in all crystal types.


Build a worker to transmitter parts transformer

In order to build transmitters to help your home world you need parts for them. But to make the parts you need a transformer. Go to the facilities tab Build a worker to transmitter parts transformer (low left)

Transform a worker to transmitter parts

To get transmitter parts you need to use a worker and transform it, but beware. You will need to keep some workers to have an income Go to the workers tab click on an idle worker select Transform to score-worker parts

Mount a transmitter

In order to help your home world you need to transmit crystals home (and to get a good reputation). Before you can transmit them, they need to be packed in a transmitter. Go to the transmitter tab Start with a rack Add transmitter parts of all colors Mount it and you will get a transmitter You place the transmitter on the map view. The level of the transmitter affects the reputation.

Place a transmitter to send crystals to our home planet

To help your home world (and to get a good reputation) you place transmitters Go to the map Press the transmitter icon Select a transmitter to place The gained reputation lasts for 30 days and increases your ranking during that period Toggle normal/reputation view with Your current rank is displayed in the rank box. The rank numbers shows your rank in the centered small area, medium area, big area and in the world. You click on the rank box to view the full ranking list.

The rest...

For now, keep almost the same.

About treasures

Deep under the fountains there are collections of treasures of crystals and other things. Would you like to go treasure hunting?

You may build a Treasure Extractor (was "Treasure finder") to bring those up to ground level so you and other earthlings attuned to other colors may pick them. Each treasure will have a part in every color that only earthlings attuned to that color may pick. The treasure will stay on ground level for 24 hours before they (sink back into the ground again / are destroyed in the earth's atmosphere)

The extractor takes time to recharge but you may upgrade it to make it upgrade faster. At some level you may even extract bigger treasures.


Join a team or start your own (when you may) and gather friends to get advantages by building monuments and be the best team with most influence on your home planet.