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See Road Map History for older stuff.


Server code fixes

  • Enable calculate dominate(etc) missions in new code with new notifications
  • Disable old calculate dominate(etc) missions


  • Making all remaining texts translatable
  • Ability for user to set language (if not pleased with the default from the phone settings)
  • Add full translation to at least one more language
  • Nudge treasures, away or up to 90 degrees from away. Fixed in 1.0.19
  • Show relevant text on facilities BEFORE they are built. (Show the same description as when built?). Fixed in 1.0.21
  • Show how active a player is (some levels: days, weeks, months, older), Fixed in 1.0.22
  • Go from worker to it's position on the map. Fixed in 1.0.23
  • Show headings in Trade dialog: For Sale - Cost, Fixed in 1.1.0
  • Extended trade
    • Client must be able to handle system offers - Released
    • Rename Home Gate to Trade Post, Fixed in 1.1.0
    • Move "modulate crystal" to fixed offers in trade window
    • Cheaper Trade Post, only players own color for building, maybe 20 in own color
    • Add mission to build Trade Post
    • Change Modulate mission to Take a trade offer (partially is ok)
    • System static trade offers remain when used
    • Change actions on crystal click, Fixed in 1.1.0
    • Require Trade post on Internal Menu Trade action (same as on transmit on crystals), Fixed in 1.1.0
    • Add system trade offers, when most clients are upgraded
    • Set new mission on all who has a Trade Post
  • Server: Remove dead code in action "Modulate crystals" - when pre 1.1 clients are upgraded


  • Text color on yellow worker in dark mode, still has to be black, maybe have all level-numbers black and adjust images (at least bonus) so it works.
  • Show Ids of portals/workers somewhere to easy debugging.
  • Make the wiki item and concept centric instead of view-in-app centric.
  • Russian translation
  • Show when player last placed a transmitter
  • Show wiki inline in game. Fixed in 1.1.15
  • Explain worker modulation to only nearby colors. Done in 1.1.15, en version
  • Ability to scroll to area of placed transmitter or expired portal, again. Fixed in 1.1.18
  • Explain portal in early game: Have a mission to build a Portal Facility (not given at start), Available in Parallell with "Upgrade worker spawner" and let it cost a symbolic cost, 2 primary crystal, let it be before the "Build portal" (That shall be called "Place portal")
    • View mission - Client, fixed in 1.1.15
    • Done mission - Server - done when build
    • Build fac 2 primary - Support in client, fixed in 1.1.16
    • Build fac 2 primary - Server
    • Set mission done on all players who has it (wait for 1.1.15 to spread first)
    • Adjust dependency order of missions on server
    • Don't create portal gtw facility on startup
  • Show current refill speed of fountain if having the fountain scanner
  • Fix bug: Update other team info when data is loaded. Fixed in 1.1.19
  • Change to new server
    • Copy daily backup to other physical machine


  • In app billing to be able to support the game, fixed in 1.2.0
    • One simple supporter thing to buy (start of easy)
  • Feedback when placing transmitter, fixed in 1.2.1
  • Making add contact to short list work again, Fixed in 1.2.3
  • Merge monuments for workers of other colors. Such a monument should give +1 worker of all colors. Fixed in 1.3.3
  • Block trades with the same item, fixed on server
  • Make it more clear that Actions under Teams can be expanded. - Expanded by default
  • Apply new coming styling
  • Don't reset treasure mount view when there is a new location (and new data being fetched) or at least do NOT modify existing lists of parts so it looks like they are gone. Fixed in 1.4.12
  • Add info on how many players that have solved missions. [1] Fixed in 1.4.12
  • Bug with "Invalid fountain" when placing a worker, at some specific fountains, when they really should be empty. Probably fixed, not reported since last fix, on server side.
  • Facility Design Remake - Done
  • Capture double click and us as place as much as possible, or something? - maybe a setting...
  • Member count in team: Make it so team members can contribute to the cost of the next level and have bars for the 5 colors. (pick the cost, and current levels from the existing team member hq)
  • + and - om draggable amount selector in trade, or ability to enter number - the +/1 was added
  • Make codes more obvoius what they are to new players. Establish contact action on contact codes in the chat (chat messages with codes are marked so they may be handled diffently) - 1.6.6


In no order

Contact center

  • Extra facility and/or ability to pay some crystals to ...
  • ... do a "give contacts check" on a person. Gives you a list of contacts you have, but the other one don't.


  • Facilities/upgrades without power has no or less effect


Today different actions like extracting a treasure etc may be done once per time unit and then you wait until you may do that actions again.

New idea:

  • You have an amount of energy. A "bar" with a max value.
  • The energy slowly increase up to the max value over time.
  • The max of the energy could increase a little for every level you gain.
  • When you do an action (example: extract a treasure) it costs energy.
  • The facility (example: Treasure finder) set the amount of energy it costs. (Today the recharge time is exponentially decreasing per level, instead the energy cost would be decreasing in the same way)
  • This way you could choose what to use your energy on, just extracting treasures

Some comments:

  • Radar, would use same energy.
  • Planned other types of "treasure hunts" would use the same energy.
  • Spawning workers could be done in the same way?
  • The energy could also be used for upgrading planned ground buildings, instead of having a limit on the number of crystals you may donate per time unit, the limit is how many energy you have.

Ground buildings

Players at some level (5?) get one "module". Next level gives you one more etc. All modules have the players color.

Harvest factory

Cooperation building - many people may interact with it


  • One player of level 7 or better may build it. It cost 1000 crystals per type.
  • Initially the building has space for 5 modules, one of each color.
  • Players at location may insert one "module" into it. The modules remain until the player him/herself removes them. (Removal may be done from a distance)


  • All players visiting the location may harvest from it once per day, the player receives something.
  • The one building the building and all players having modules receives something when a player harvest. (not yourself)
  • The output of the building depends on the number of modules in it. (Really lousy with just one or two)


  • When at a new level, it gets space for another set of modules. I.e. first one of each color, then two of each colors etc.
  • It costs a lot of crystals to upgrade the building. Increasing for every level. (Idea: 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k, or maybe times sqrt(2) for every level?)
  • All players at the location may donate crystals to the construction. Max 1 donation at a max limit per day and user. (Maybe 100 per user and day?)
    • And/or if Energy is introduced, the energy may be used for upgrading.
  • When a level is reached, the best donators receives something. The "top" shall be visible when visiting the building.

What you get from harvesting, having modules inserted and building it (Just ideas)

  • On 1-5 modules, crystals
  • On 6-10 modules, transmitter parts too
  • On 11+ modules, receive team credits and/or personal score
  • The setup of module colors influence the color of what you receive
  • The builder gets score in that area for every module currently inserted?



"single player building": - other people see it and may do only a little with it.


  • Costs significant amount to build (so you only will build it where people will actually see it or harvest nearby)
  • Needs one module to operate.
  • May only be build by player at level 8 or better
  • Lasts forever (or until owner removes it?)


  • Lets you get something from players doing stuff in nearby area, a bonus on collecting or something. Including yourself.

Other players:

  • May contact you from the monolith.


  • Does it have a color? (For example a blue monolith, maybe just affects collecting blue crystals)

Bug handling

Note: Only a few displayed here

Automated bug handling

  • Report errors I catch with analytics. For example when paring data from server
  • Analytics with waiting for server times

"Customizable" UI

Add the ability to set what icons is displayed as tabs and what are in the menu. Also add ability to change order.

UI feature requests

  • Would be nice if the option to "bring home all workers" was added to fountains and portals
  • Could you add an option to view only treasures? Also, when a treasure spawns on top of a fountain, it can be difficult to select the treasure and not the fountain beneath it (solved when not seeing/clicking on treasures)
  • Setting to not see, or at least not click on fountains

Mixed feature requests

  • On start on color selection: show player count of colors on existing active players
  • Minimize amount of contacts codes in that chat to avoid bloating
  • Ability to buy anonymous support markers for someone else

Automated trades

  • System automatically add trade offers from time to time... every 23 hours? (removed as usual after a week) - Some kind of transmitter part for crystals?


Today you may actually collect "contacts", but that is not enough...

  • Collectibles, that you can make something lasting with. The collectibles may be found in treasures.


  • Wiki page with info to translators
    • General info about some words and how to translate them
    • Info about app, bitbucket etc
    • Info about wiki

Player motivation

  • ... missions, gives you some motivation. What I would like to have some kind of RPG aspect in it. Having a character and to gather equipement for it (buy it for crystals or find it in treasures). Also, there could be some more interesting things in treasures, like "Whip of impatience" which when used doubles the collecting speed of your workers for a short time period, or "Lasso" which when used extends your range, so that you could collect treasures from 160 metres instead of 80. Or stuff like this...

More Treasure Hunt

  • Another variant of Treasure Hunt: Start it, you get a limited time, say 30 minutes to visit (pretty close) existing fountains. You get stuff on how many (and maybe what colors?) you have visited in that time and get stuff. Either you get stuff instantly (increasing "value" with every visit) or get it afterwards.