Privacy policy

From ColorPlanet

Storing data

  • Your location when playing the game and doing some action will be stored on the server. Texts entered and actions made in the game will also be stored.
  • Texts entered and active actions made on location may become visible to other players and on the web site.
  • This is a location based game and your location and actions is significant for the game.
  • You email is stored on the server as as that is used as account identifier. Your email is never exposed to other players or the public.

Contacting you

  • Push notifications is sent from the game to you. You may customize what notifications you want.
  • Email will be sent to you on critical things like registering a new device on the same account.

Data sharing

  • You approximate location, when you do actions, will be visible to other players as they can see some of your actions.
  • Anonymized locations may be sent to a 3:rd party to do reverse geo-lookup. (Example: finding out country of a latitude and longitude.) Currently it does not but there are plans to do so.
  • Your email adress will never be sent to a 3:rd party.


  • The game have in-game purchases for supporters to help supporting the game. If there are any technical issues please contact the developer.