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Reply in the in-game chat if you know the answer

Submit crash reports, when your device asks if it should submit one. This way I can fix them.

Constructive feedback. If you have ideas of how something can be improved


Send me an email at and request an account to contribute to improve this wiki.

Translate the app

Translate the app to your language.

It is almost 1000 strings, but most of them are simple.

In the the game, open the About-dialog. Scroll down a bit and click the button "Open translation page". A browser will open the translation tool web page.

Sign in using the same account as in the app and start to translate or correct spelling etc.

If you help out a lot you will get in-game-medals for helping out with translations too.

NOTE: There are %nn stuff in the strings. They are placeholders where the code insert strings and numbers. Don't change them, but if needed you can change their order if word order is different in your language.

Thanks in advance

Translate the wiki

I have prepared pages for translation. I have translated some pages to Swedish and some partially, if you want to look at some example.

You can either go to one page at a time and click "Translate this page" and then select Your language on the upper right and translate the section of the pages and save.

Or do a lot at once at: (replace sv in the end with your two letter language code)

When it comes to links to other pages: For example en text [[Worker]] en text you should turn it into a translated link using the right language: sv text [[Worker/sv|Arbetare]] sv text