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Color Planet Resources is a massively-multi player location based resource game. It uses your GPS, or other location system on your device, but you may also place portals allowing you to play from a remote location.

This is a one man project developed and maintained during free time, for your pleasure and mine. If you like it, please tell me and make me happy too :-)

The game can be installed from Google Play.


Development: Erik Melkersson

Based on original idea by: Erik Melkersson & Filip Wiltgren

Game design (icons): Filip Wiltgren, Valentín 'Deaymon' Delgado

Thanks to (testing and ideas): Daniel Schander, Kenth Fredholm, Peter Skov, Memo Ayar, Jonas Petersson, Jeanette Hedman, Magnus Gustavsson, Alexander Schübel, Andreas Tepper and many more.

Feedback and support

User discussion/feedback/support at G+ group ColorPlanet.

Bug reports, feature requests and voting: Bitbucket repository

Some basic ideas

  • Player shall gain advantages by moving (walking, biking, whatever) but players shall also be able to play by spending 5 minuts in a break in a fixed location or something. (moving is needed in normal gameplay, and by using the portals you can be fixed, moving at a time requested by me is solved by using the tresures).
  • You don't go to war in the game, but you do compete about the resources.
  • You shall gain (something) by having contact and interacting with people far away (this one is not yet fullfilled, some bunus when transmitters are placed in different parts of the area, other than the 10 points per small area?, maximum distance between scorers?)