Top big area player colors

Top 10 players by score

1 Jeita

Score:1005261 Level:125 Team:226 Country:RU

2 h3llia

Score:217946 Level:140 Team:63 Country:

3 Dudex

Score:80226 Level:97 Team:219 Country:

4 Aurio

Score:60674 Level:73 Team:236 Country:

5 LadyNecrosia

Score:26183 Level:118 Team:82 Country:CA
Le meilleur moyen de passer pour un crétin c'est d'exprimer quelque chose d'intelligent à une gang d'imbéciles

6 ekx74

Score:25554 Level:144 Team:63 Country:DE

7 Holgi

Score:23166 Level:84 Team:236 Country:

8 False Maximus

Score:20191 Level:108 Team: Country:JP

9 Mad Dog

Score:20137 Level:134 Team:63 Country:US

10 Kajik

Score:18810 Level:121 Team:58 Country:CZ

Top 10 players by missions

144 ekx74

Team:63 Country:DE

143 Mekong

Team:51 Country:PL

142 WhiteShadow

Team:118 Country:RU
Playing since 16.07.2017 First one to reach level 14 on 19.08.2020

140 XRV 750

Team:63 Country:DE
Africa Twin

140 h3llia

Team:63 Country:

134 Neda

Team:148 Country:RU

134 Mad Dog

Team:63 Country:US

132 Zyabra

Team:148 Country:RU

131 Mus

Team:58 Country:CZ

129 greslikus

Team:109 Country:CZ

Top 10 players placing transmitter every day

1024 Mus

Team: Country:CZ

1019 Anxifer

Team: Country:AT

763 Nicolaith

Team: Country:RU

623 Mekong

Team: Country:PL

594 WhiteShadow

Team: Country:RU
Playing since 16.07.2017 First one to reach level 14 on 19.08.2020

592 Jeita

Team: Country:RU

537 Fil

Team: Country:
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512 XRV 750

Team: Country:DE
Africa Twin

485 Benknobi

Team: Country:DE

478 Zugzug

Team: Country:BY