Top big area player colors

Top 10 players by score

1 Mekong

Score:1282948 Level:135 Team:51 Country:PL

2 KndcDK

Score:1274409 Level:111 Team:145 Country:RU
Всем привет!

3 Kavlin

Score:102442 Level:90 Team:118 Country:US

4 Mad Dog

Score:50136 Level:121 Team:35 Country:US

5 Neda

Score:32652 Level:123 Team:148 Country:RU

6 Jasper

Score:28895 Level:96 Team:236 Country:BE

7 Fil

Score:5897 Level:89 Team:236 Country:
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8 Vikimaus

Score:3939 Level:102 Team:58 Country:CZ

9 Penbr(#)

Score:3614 Level:105 Team:82 Country:SE
I don't want to leave "invited by" unless you can give the same back to me.

10 Madryn

Score:2811 Level:92 Team:51 Country:AR

Top 10 players by missions

140 WhiteShadow

Team:118 Country:RU
Playing since 16.07.2017 First one to reach level 14 on 19.08.2020

135 Mekong

Team:51 Country:PL

132 Zyabra

Team:148 Country:RU

129 greslikus

Team:109 Country:CZ

129 Mus

Team:58 Country:CZ

124 Excellochka

Team:233 Country:RU
жизнь прекрасна ;)

124 Lexxaya

Team:107 Country:AT
i love you <3

123 Landcruiser

Team:140 Country:RU

123 Neda

Team:148 Country:RU

121 Mad Dog

Team:35 Country:US

Top 10 players placing transmitter every day

1024 Mus

Team: Country:CZ

594 WhiteShadow

Team: Country:RU
Playing since 16.07.2017 First one to reach level 14 on 19.08.2020

485 Benknobi

Team: Country:DE

478 Zugzug

Team: Country:BY

435 PinkFloyd

Team: Country:US
New England

410 Jutaky

Team: Country:FI

325 Anxifer

Team: Country:AT

304 4N3G4ZPK

Team: Country:AT

300 Landcruiser

Team: Country:RU

247 Mad Dog

Team: Country:US