Ant and nests

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Help a species dominate

An massive multi-player online ant controlling game for Android, using your real location from GPS.

Several Species of ants compete for control of the ground. You join one of them and help them spread and dominate.

Claim control

You will be founding colonies, help them expand and breed, defend against other animals and enemies.


When the colonies have grown big enough you may attack enemy colonies too. Cooperate with your allies, help them and coordinate attacks.


Old demo video


2019-08-18 12:03:01 Best colony founders of this week are: Styx 558, Mjolnir 357, cycolyst 148

2019-08-14 19:42:13 1.6.10 * Reducing network traffic a little

2019-08-14 18:04:28 1.6.9 * Minor bugfix in i attacking independent colonies.

2019-08-12 19:54:11 1.6.8 * Bugfix: Colony filter on food / capacity * Independent colonies may now be attacked when within the outer circle. * Some English spelling adjustments

2019-08-11 12:03:03 Best colony founders of this week are: Mjolnir 526, solaral 191, Yibai 171