Ant and nests

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Help a species dominate

An massive multi-player online ant controlling game for Android, using your real location from GPS.

Several Species of ants compete for control of the ground. You join one of them and help them spread and dominate.

Claim control

You will be founding colonies, help them expand and breed, defend against other animals and enemies.


When the colonies have grown big enough you may attack enemy colonies too. Cooperate with your allies, help them and coordinate attacks.


Old demo video


2018-04-22 10:03:26 Best colony founders of this week are: RooC 522, UNFORGlVEN 339, FireNation 230

2018-04-15 10:03:24 Best colony founders of this week are: RooC 484, Alpha Zerg 412, sable 107

2018-04-11 08:49:49 I have now rewarded some players contributing (mostly translations) with supporter markers for some time. (Giving you access to the command center.) There are some player who contributed with translations before I added the translations tool I am using now, I have not giving you anything yet. Please contact me so I can reward you too.

2018-04-08 10:03:20 Best colony founders of this week are: RooC 166, Mega Ant 149, sable 135

2018-04-07 19:00:59 1.3.34 * Keep colony sort order * Show distance to nest in colony view * Navigate to using external Google maps * Buttons on the side in landscape mode * Setting to reduce network traffic, experimental * Updated 3:rd party libraries * Crash bug fixes * Translations updates