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When you reach a certain level you may found new ground buildings.

Ground buildings are visible for all players on the map.

They cost quite a lot but they give benefits.

They need Modules to operate.

Ground buildings require some distance in between. 2 km from a building of the same type, and owner on (not cooperative) Collectors.

You need to be on location to interact with the buildings

There are currently two types of ground buildings

  • Collector - "Single player" building
  • Cooperative Collector - "Cooperation" building

They are built on a specific location

Collector (was called Tower)

May be build by level 6 players. It costs 1 000 crystals of each color. It can NOT be upgraded.

The Collectors are built by one player and only that person may insert one module and harvest from it daily (every 23h). Other players may see it but may only establish contact with the owner, if they don't already have contact.

Cooperative Collector (was called Mega Harvester)

The Cooperative Collector works better if lots of people cooperate on it but it has a limit of how many modules that may be inserted.

May be build by level 7 players

It costs 2 000 crystals of each color.

  • One player may build it - the founder.
  • Players with modules may insert up to one module - module owners.
  • All players may harvest from it once per day (every 23h).

When someone harvest from the building the founder and the module owners also get some benefits. The more modules there are in a building the better harvest there is.

There is a chance to get parts when you harvest on a cooperation building too. The chance increase with the number of modules.

If you are on a lower level than 5 you get less stuff when you harvest as you are not as experienced yet.

Levels and modules (Note: Version 1.7.12 or better needed.)

  • It allows 5 modules to be inserted at level 1. 10 at level two, 15 at level 3 etc.
  • Players may donate maximum 100 crystals in each color per day to help out upgrading it.
  • When it level up the top donors get some rewards
Level Cost in crystals of each color Module slots
1 2 000 5
2 10 000 10
3 14 100 15
4 20 000 20
5 28 300 25
... 10 000*(1.414^Level)/1.141 +5