Ant and nests

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Find resources at your location. Harvest and build your base. Save your planet!

Color Planet is a massive-multi player online location based resources game (i.e. uses GPS or other location system on your device) but you may also place portals allowing you to play from a remote location.

Spawn workers and use them to gather crystals from the Earth and send them back to your home planet in order to save it.

Using your crystal resources you may extend your workers' capabilities and also extend your own capability to place the workers by building and extending facilities at your base.

Be the best home planet saver, local or global. Compare with other players.

Multi player on-line game: Join a team, or start your own, and cooperate if you want to. Make the team strong and get advantages to you and your team mates by building monuments.

Trade to get the items you want.

Go treasure hunting.

Fulfill different missions.

You are sent from a rare fragile world, running out of resources, to this.... Earth, to gather crystals just flowing out into space, wasted by the unaware humans, and send them home to your planet. All transmitted crystals give you greater influence and make you more famous.

Some graphics are still bad. You are welcome to contribute.

This is a "one man"-project developed during spare time. With a little help from others. It shall be free to play for anyone.

I have spent a lot of spare time building this game, for your pleasure and mine. If you like it please tell me and make me happy.


2018-06-15 07:01:31 The free cron service (running updates in the game) i use stopped working. I have now switched to a payed cron provider. I hope it will work better.

2018-06-03 16:37:31 1.7.1 * Removing stupid crash bug introduced in 1.7.0

2018-06-03 08:43:18 1.7.0 * Ground buildings and modules. See wiki for more info. * Using new 4rd party libraries and targeting a newer version of android as required by Google. I hope it does not break anything more than already adjusted things. * Notifications correct on Android 8. * A simple crash bug fix

2018-04-18 06:54:15 Now the time on all time world leader should be correct. All having been in the top since 2017-09-17 05:20 got their times lowered a bit.

2018-04-07 07:26:20 1.6.7 * Navigate to treasure using google maps * Updated 3:rd party libraries * Rare crash bug fix * Show team member actions when admin even if you can not do them * Show credit cost of upgrade and build monuments * Establish contact directly from chat messages with contact codes